BPM152 LWR LVL Flyer Tribeca Grand Hotel

BPM LWR LVL Moves On Up, Yet Still in the Basement

Allow us to reintroduce the weekly BPM party series, now known as BPMLWR LVL.

BPM152 LWR LVL Flyer DOMBER Tribeca Grand Hotel

Attention New Yorkers, and party people in the place to be this weekend, the BPM party has moved. The bi-weekly party series we’ve come to immerse ourselves in through ill creative direction of promo videos, and flyers—that should be turned into curtains or something permanent for your crib—is going to take place at the TriBeCa Grand Hotel basement. Hence its new namesake, BPM LWR LVL. By accident or design? Either way, it just feels right. The basement theme (lower level) coincides with the fact that BPM LWR LVL prides itself on underground music. Sorry Top 40 fans. There’s too much predictability at weekend parties, musically. BPM LWR LVL’s DJ lineup always keeps you guessing. This week, Giraffage is one of the headliners for the gig. Check out the sexy looking shot of the venue, plus stream the premiere of Giraffage’s new track, “Money.” Follow the link to RSVP.

Tribec Grand Hotel Basement Studio New York



Also, since BPM LWR LVL is all about a full-service audio and visual experience, click here for a snazzy looking GIF of the flyer. Tumblr it, tweet it, just share it already. You’re all welcome.

BPM152 LWR LVL Flyer Tribeca Grand Hotel

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