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Boldy James “Jammin’ 30: In The Morning'”

Boldy James delivers Detroit grittiness with his new mixtape. Listen and download it here.

Boldy James Jammin 30: In The Morning Mixtape Download

Detroit native Boldy James returns to bless the streets with a brand new mixtape, Jammin’ 30: In The Morning. The 17-track project (hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Ray Ya Dig and DJBJ 3525) is chock-full of bangers. Tracks like “Church’s Chicken” capture the grittiness of Motown’s streets, and will leave you itching to run amuck through 8-mile GTA-style. However, I’d advise you to play it safe and listen to Jammin’ from the comfort of your own home — it’s mean on these streets.

Stream Boldy James’ Jammin’ 30: In The Morning below and download it here. If  you have a smartphone, download the Lisnr app to unlock exclusive content from the mixtape as you listen.

Boldy James Jammin' 30: In The Morning Mixtape Cover Back

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Boldy Black and White

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