Bobs Dreamland Yellow Chopper California

Bob Burnquist and Lance Mountain’s Helicopter Recon Adventure

Fly over the hills of California with Bob Burnquist and Lance Mountain as they search for uncharted backyard pools to skate.

Oakley teams up with the mind of legendary vert and super ramp skateboarder Bob Burnquist, to bring you Bob’s Dreamland, a six-part series that explores the imaginative abilities of the renaissance ripper. In episode two, dubbed “Helicopter Recon,” Bob and peer Lance Mountain, hop into a chopper and explore the suburban California hills for, what else, backyard pools. OG Dogtown Z-Boys search tactics merged with Bob’s newfound piloting skills and Lance’s pool-ripping experience converge to give fans a unique day-in-the-life adventure. Skateboarding, how far you’ve come.

Lance Mountain Bobs Dreamland Microphone Fly Chopper

Oakley California Fly Helicopter Chopper

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Pool Bobs Dreamland Oakley

Skateboarding Bobs Dreamland Oakley California

Bobs Dreamland Yellow Chopper California

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