BMW Zagato Coupe

BMW and Zagato Craft One-Off Coupe

Feeling all gassed cause you finally knotted up your Yeezy II connect? It's time to bring you back down to Earth with the collaboration of two more mavens of style, BMW and Zagato coach builders. Meet the 1 of 1 Zagato Coupé.

Billed as a “design study” that Mr. Kanye West himself won’t even be able to cop, the Zagato—like many other concept vehicles—may at the very least point to BMW’s continued commitment to style and detail. If nothing more, we’ll wager that it means the road-ripping Z series ain’t going nowhere. And why should it? Aside from developing quite the cult following, the curvy coupe may be the best embodiment of the “Ultimate Driving Machine” mantra.

A continuing evolution from the original Z coupe—incidentally known by those inside Bimmer’s offices as “the shoe”—the Zagato boasts many of the same details and intricacies expected in fine footwear. From afar, the twin-kidney front grille is unmistakably BMW, though a closer look reveals more. Get up in its face, and the mesh focuses into a repetition of tiny letter Zs. Chill, Tinker, we know you did it first.

But while it’s got form down to a T, BMW hasn’t come up short on the function. Peep the double-bubble roof for example. More than just an aerodynamic chiseling, it actually allows more headroom for helmeted drivers, just in case you packed the included matching luggage for a serious track day. Compare that to the ol’ Goldeneye Z3 that was too small for anyone over 6 feet tall. The recent upgrades prove that the brand remains just as much a student as it does a teacher.

Under the hood the Zagato Coupé remains a mystery, but c’mon son, it’s BMW. Given that the current Z4 pumps 300 horses out of a turbocharged inline 6, you can probably count on something with even more ups; and given the whole green effect on the industry, better fuel economy to boot.

That of course is if—and it’s a big if—the Zagato ever sees even a limited production. Don’t kill yourself camping outside your local dealer. You’re going to need a stronger plan than that.

BMW Zagato Coupe

BMW Zagato Coupe

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