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Blu Stays True on “Kiss The Sky”

Blu Stays True on “Kiss The Sky”

Blu Mela Machinko "Kiss The Sky" cover art

At 12AM this morning, Blu’s brand new single “Kiss The Sky” premiered on iTunes. The record distributed by Coalmine Records picks up on the title from his 2007 debut, Below The Heavens. Looking to the sky has always been a source for inspiration, albeit spiritual for cats like Blu. But he’s been kicking the cloud theme in his raps before Common’s “Blue Skies,” but with the lyrical strength of GURU’s “Above the Clouds.” Maybe there’s hope in a jacking for beats scenario over the other familiar titles. Meanwhile, don’t let the soulful melodies of Mela Machinko and the production of Australian producer M-Phazes get it twisted that the record is soft and fluffy. Blu is back, ’nuff said.

Check out his latest interview titled “New Word Color,” via Takin’ Mines. Read up, bump the new Blu below.

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