Blasting Voice

Blasting Voice Traps Your Mind, Soul, and Body

A new multimedia experience with Kingdom, Venus X and Total Freedom. No Illuminati.

Blasting Voice Event

The Suzanne Geiss Company is hosting an exhibition of epic proportions. The event Blasting Voice, is the brain child of Ashland Mines (a.k.a. Total Freedom) In association with Thunder Horse Video, Mines will curate a showcase platform designed for the love of art and the crazy, abstract and esoteric forms it may take, both visually and sonically. The show itself is set to have 27 performances over the duration of nine evenings, from artists whose sound aesthetic range from the “linguistic [to] non-verbal, acoustic [to] electronic.”

The visual aspect of the show will be provided by the artist Seychelle OD Allah, whose awesome bodies of work, if able to speak, would scream words that would make you question what is public domain and what is the self, relative to the Internet dominated world. That’s fancy talk for cool lookin’.

The sound installation will provided by: Will Boston, Tobias Lee Christensen, Felix Lee, Jon Mandabach, Ezra Rubin (a.k.a Kingdom), Venus Jasmin Soto (a.k.a Venus X) Daniel Pinela and Asma Maroof (a.k.a Na & Ma Nguzu)

The show is organized by Kevin McGarry & Isabel Venero.

If you are not sure what to expect: that is great! Come by and see for yourself. This event is to be intimate and stimulating to your eyes, ears and brain that connects the two.

The show commences tonight, July 11th, and concludes July 28th.

All performances begin at 6PM

For additional information, artist bios and detailed performance schedules please visit

Blasting Voices Flyer

PHONE: 212.625.8130

Recommendation: Check out The Claw: Tour CD released in 2011, featuring the music of Total Freedom, Kingdom and Nguzunguzu with artwork by Seychelle OD Allah.

Blasting Voice

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