A “Blank On Blank” Animated James Brown Interview

James Brown breaks down his thoughts about President Reagan and his own career in a lost 1984 interview.

PBS’ Blank On Blank series continues with yet another lost gem of an interview. This time around the program presents an animated transcription of a James Brown interview. ABC News Radio reporter Rocci Fisch was able to catch up with the “Godfather of Soul” during a 1984 performance in Washington D.C.’s convention center. Brown wound up holding an impromptu press conference inside of his dressing room and discussing many of the philosophical foundations to his music, his political attitude and life’s work.

Pay close attention to what he has to say about then-president Ronald Reagan. He was speaking in between so many lines that it’s heartbreaking to consider how such a poignant figure in music and civil history is no longer with us. His public persona was clearly focused on the bigger picture, the betterment of the people and the respect for his craft. R.I.P. James Brown, always enlightened, always proud.

Here’s another “Blank on Blank” of a lost Beastie Boys interview.

Sign Cartoon Black White Lights People Show

Press Interview Cartoon Animation Man Door Star

Woman Man Animation Cartoon Blowdry Suit Sit

Thought Balloon Comic Cartoon Animation Respect

Cartoon Animation Line Government People Masses Rule Order

Ronald Reagan Camera Black White Animation Cartoon

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