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“Off Tha’ Wall” – Blake Anderson

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Blake Anderson


We traveled out to Los Angeles to hang with everyone’s favorite funny guy, Blake Anderson. Blake has gained notoriety from his antics on Comedy Central’s hit show, Workaholics, where he and his homies get in to all sorts of shit as they decipher the way through their first steps into the workforce. Playing characters that are essentially  portrayals of their true selves, the cast hilariously struggle with being upstanding, responsible adults all while binge drinking and scheming.

In our sit down with Blake, he reveals how he and his friends made Workaholics a reality, his love for beer, and working at a butcher shop. We find him torn when we ask who he would pick.. Lil B or E-40. He also gave us a look at his new t-shirt company Bored Teenager. Blake designs all of the tees and is actually rockin’ one of them in the video.

In addition to his hit show “Workaholics,” Blake was featured on our most recent issue of Mass Appeal, Issue 52, alongside Earl Sweatshirt.

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