Black Zheep DZ “Whatchu Sayin'” (Prod. by Robin Carnage)

DC rapper, Black Zheep DZ "Whatcu Sayin'"


Music discovery is a beautiful thing. When you hear something new that not only piques your interest, but you can really dig into, it’s an exciting feeling. After spending some time with rapper Black Zheep DZ’s music, particularly his new single “Whatcu Sayin’,” I’m pleased to say, the 20-year-old rapper’s raw and inviting style has won me over. Black Zheep DZ and his basement rap crew, 7th Floor Vi77ains have been making waves in their hometown of Baltimore, gaining recognition for their wavy take on rap music.

Taking lessons from Miami’s emerging hip hop style of trap-heavy beats, and eerie stadium hooks, producer Robin Carnage paints the haunting backdrop for DZ to drop his crackling tales of growing up in the nation’s capital. Exhibiting the art of lackadaisical storytelling, DZ is creeping up on the hip hop world’s radar, one single at a time.

Keep an eye out for an EP from Black Zheep DZ this fall.

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