Black Ninja Cruiser Neon Green

Black Ninja Returns And Raps And Skates

Black Ninja skates. Black Ninja raps. Need we say more?

Hot damn, our homie Black Dave better watch out, Black Ninja is coming for his spot. Not only does the eccentric mofo skate the skate, he also raps the rap. Equipped with a slew of random-ass tricks and tweaks, like duck and rolling into a drop down (WTF), and some realer than real lyrics about the actual things that he does (real raps yo), Black Ninja’s only setback is a bit of the false advertising in his name — not sure where the black (unless we talking suit)? But colorism aside, the fitted cap and glasses-wearing bro gets down with some technical trick madness and I definitely messes with it!

Oh, and order What Time, When? right here. Both Black Ninja and filmer, Chris “Gonzo” Gonzalez will thank/troll you.

Black Ninja Returns Title Screen Grab

Black Ninja Returns Bows Stance

Black Ninja Returns Skateboard Grind Fisheye

Black Ninja Returns Slide Skateboarding

Black Ninja Returns Four Loko Cigarette

Black Ninja Cruiser Neon Green

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