Black Milk releases the track "Detroit's New Dance Show"

Black Milk “Detroit’s New Dance Show”

Don't ever say Black Milk doesn't rep for Detroit.

Most people know Detroit for being rooted in soul music. However, that is not the only form of music that the city put on its back. Detroit repped hard for the techno/dance scene, and even dedicated a public access show to it titled The New Dance Show. The show was the city’s take on the Soul Train format, fused with techno and fast-paced dance music.

The music played on the show and in venues around the Detroit area influenced many musicians to come like J Dilla, Waajeed, and Black Milk, who just released a homage track to the show titled “Detroit’s New Dance Show.” While you are waiting for his album If There’s A Hell Below to drop, check out his track below.

Black Milk releases the track "Detroit's New Dance Show"

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