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Black In The Daze

Black In The Daze


Trying to decide what’s worth loosing an eye over this Black Friday? Check out Mass Appeal‘s fashion spread from Issue 53 for inspiration.


Manolo Mike (left) wears blazer: vintage Lanvin (INA Men), t-shirt: WeSC, pants: model’s own, sneakers: Original Jordan 3’s (model’s own), sunglasses: Black Scale Shades Of Black, chain: vintage
King Kid Love wears shirt: Billionaire Boys Club, tie: vintage Dior (INA Men), sweatshirt: vintage Burberry (INA Men), shorts: Teflar, sneakers: Supra Skytop III, chain: model’s own, satchel and necklace: TM Vintage, star rings: model’s own, bone ring: Black Scale


Steele wears t-shirt: Mass Appeal x Gang Starr, jacket: vintage (Mr. Throwback) Rasta necklace: model’s own, pouch necklace: TM Vintage, ring: Black Scale


Manolo Mike wears shirt: WeSC, sweatshirt: Mr. Throwback, jeans: vintage Ralph Lauren (INA Men), sneakers: Retro Jordan 3’s, belt: Comme Des Garcons (INA Men), sunglasses: model’s own


Dee wears shirt: vintage Galliano (INA Men), shorts: Parke & Ronen, backpack: WeSC


Chill wears tank top: vintage Marc Jacobs (INA Men), pants: Pedaled, sneaker: Jordan Retro 4 (model’s own), sunglasses: TM Vintage, rope chain: TM Vintage, pendant and earring: model’s own


King Kid Love wears shirt: Billionaire Boys Club, sweatshirt and pants: WeSC, belt: Commes Des Garcons (INA Men), chain: TM Vintage, rings: as before, earring: model’s own


Dee wears tank top: Billionaire Boys Club, pants: vintage (INA Men), sunglasses: Black Scale Shades Of Black

Photos: Phil Knott
Stylists: Tracy Levenstein and Shaundel Hall

This spread appears in Mass Appeal Issue 53. You can purchase a copy here.

  • Born Wisdom

    Rose colored glasses syndrome to the extreme. Basing your whole shtick around a “look” from a particular point in time is more than a little corny.