Black Dynamite Comes to the Hood and Adult Swim

See the art, watch the new animated series this Sunday on Adult Swim.

Shortly after Black Dynamite‘s release in 2009, Cartoon Network announced that it will be producing and airing a series based on the critically-acclaimed satirical movie…three years later, it’s finally ready to be aired. The cartoon will be loosely based on the movie and will follow the basic characteristic of spoofing 1970s Blaxploitation films. However, differentiating itself from the movie, the TV show will not carry the same shoddy ’70s production feel. The lead actor playing ex-CIA agent Black Dynamite, will also appear as the voice of the character in the new Adult Swim series. Also carrying over from the movie is actor Byron Minns who had this to say about the series, “We have 10 crazy episodes. Because it’s set in the ’70s, we explore every ’70s icon that we could come up with. And that’s the beauty of animation, we can have these people as guest stars on our show. We can bring back Elvis, we can see little Michael Jackson.”

Throughout New York, talk has been swarming about the new series, partly due to the hype around the success of the movie but also in part of recent murals that have been going up as advertisements. Here at Mass Appeal, we spotted two murals that we felt were worth mentioning due to the ill animation behind Black Dynamite and the pure artistic value the murals capture from the show. Shout out to Colossal for once again giving us a reason to look up and keep our eyes on their manmade masterpieces. You can check out the murals below and make sure to tune into Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, this Sunday at 11:30 PM for the premiere of Black Dynamite: The Animated Series.

Black Dynamite Mural NYC

Black Dynamite Mural Colossal Media

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