Black Dave Million Man March Graffiti

Black Dave’s “Million Man March”

Black Dave drops the video for "Million Man March" off his Black Dave Presents: Black Bart and he's got a lot to say.

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Last night, NYC native Black Dave dropped a video for “Million Man March” off of his latest release Black Dave Presents: Black Bart.  While some have chosen to only remark on BD’s brand affiliation and wardrobe we over at Mass Appeal dug a little deeper and exhumed from the “Turn Up!” the true underlying message of the track.

Black Dave, usually lighthearted in his songs and videos, riddles his competition, detractors, doubters, and naysayers with a barrage of lyrical bullets.

Truthfully my techniques/ Was meant for preaching the peace/ but Muthafuckas got me mad, so I’m a beast off the leash

Throughout the Brandon Kuzma directed video (co-directed by Black Dave), BD raps directly to the viewer – at times ghoulishly – with footage of riots, newspaper headlines, and reports projected onto his face calling for an end to the atrocities of the past. Recounting past and all too familiar present issues of violence and police brutality towards young men like himself BD uses this video and track to make his voice heard and to proclaim that he and his peers are not with the bullshit anymore.

With more looping images of riots as well as BD projecting the faces of Civil Rights leaders Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr onto his own it is evident that Black Dave has much more to say than you think. He drives this point further with his own tribute to Trayvon Martin throughout. From rapping in front of a mural paying tribute to Martin to depicting himself as a slain Trayvon resurrected to begin the clip illustrating that this isn’t just a “turn up anthem” this is a militant & political message, a call to arms. Times are changing and you can either “Turn Up or We Gon’ Fuck You Up!”

From his “Black Donald Trump” days til now it’s been great to see the progression in Black Dave’s career in addition to seeing him take the proper steps to assert himself and stake his claim as natural born rapper Black Dave.
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Black Dave Million Man March Graffiti

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