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Black Dave Steals His Own “Black Bart” Mixtape

Black Dave Steals His Own “Black Bart” Mixtape

Seeing as how the homie Black Dave is getting ready to drop his new mixtape “Black Bart” come September 17th, you know the self-proclaimed Simpson had to take it to the streets that he skates on. Shot by Mosaic NY, Dave’s teaser trailer for the project features him linking up with a local street vendor to cop his tape. Unfortunately, things take a Black Bart turn when the homie swindles the salesman for his copy and jets off on his board. Watch as he powerslides, ollies over hydrants, slides down rails, and even bluntslides his way until the coast is clear. All to a snippet of his “Million Man March” single off of the tape.

The “Black Bart” mixtape will feature production from the likes of Shy Guy, Nick Catchdubs, Lee Bannon, and Very Rvre, along with guest appearances from the likes of Domo Genesis and Bodega Bamz.

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