Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape

Black Dave Releases Black Bart And Lists His Favorite Cartoons

To celebrate his new Black Bart mixtape, Black Dave reveals what his favorite cartoons growing up were.

Black Dave Black Bart Simpson Mixtape

On Tuesday, Supreme store shop clerk, professional skater (Zoo York) and now up-and-coming emcee Black Dave released his sophomore mixtape effort, Black Bart. With features from Bodega Bamz and Riff Raff, beats built by Shy Beats and Nick Catchdubs, and Black Dave himself rapping his ass off, it deserves your listen and download. The tape’s cover features a Simpson style Dave sporting his signature basketball jersey steez and a skateboard.

To celebrate the release, we asked Dave about his favorite cartoons growing up. Here’s to showing that just having fun with it makes for a good mixtape and a list of his responses:

“Rocket Power”

“Rocket Power” kind of inspired me to want to skate. I started skating when I was 10 and that was around that time when “Rocket Power” was popping. Like, look at these dude they’re killing it.

Black Dave Rocket Power Cartoon

“Hey Arnold!”

I felt that it was similar to my life. It seemed like it was based in a New York City type neighborhood that was very cozy and very home-y and that’s how I felt in Harlem growing up. 

Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape Hey Arnold


This is the jam. That joint was just funny and awkward. His homies had purple and orange skin. What was up with “Doug,” though? He was mad skinny. That joint was just mad funny.

Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape Nickelodeon

“Family Guy”

They just broke the barriers of taking it to the next level with comedy. It was history watching that.

Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape Family Guy

“South Park”

They began the era of breaking the barriers and pushing the level of comedy. One thing about “South Park” is that it’s always been relevant and that’s hilarious. You have to be relevant in comedy and they did a really good job of staying on top of the times.

Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape South Park

“All That”(honorable mention that’s not a cartoon)

I watched this everyday. It was the illest show with the illest cast. You had Keenan and Kel, so many legends that didn’t really make it past that level. Being a kid watching that, you kind of grew up with them.

Keenan Kel All That Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape

It’s obvious that Dave, a ’90s baby, was into Nickelodeon. Now listen to Black Bart.

Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape

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