Bizzy Amor – While You Were Gone

The short film While You Were Gone shows what happens when man's best friend is left home alone.

Have you ever wondered what a dog does when they’re left home alone? Besides pee on a lot of shit and go through underwear, not much. While You Were Gone is a short film by upcoming filmmaker and photographer Bizzy Amor, offering an intimate portrayal of man’s best friend in seclusion. For some, the short will help them understand why dogs are so damn happy when their owner comes home. For others, the film may make them reconsider before going out to the club and leaving their pup alone. Watch While You Were Gone above, and head over to Vimeo afterwards to see more of Bizzy’s work.

Bizzy Amor's short film While You Were Gone

Bizzy Amor's short film dog

Bizzy Amor's short film While You Were Gone dog

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