Bishop Nehru You Stressin

Bishop Nehru Talks Working With Disclosure

The young Nanuet, NY native shares the story of how he linked up with the UK hottest electronic duo for his new track.

Are you up on Bishop Nehru? Don’t worry if you’re not. I’m not going to son you like one of those dudes that always has to prove how in-the-know he is about hip hop. You really only need to know one thing – the 17-year-old emcee is in for a very big year.

The Nanuet, New York native kept busy in 2013 dropping his second mixtape, Strictly FLOWz, hitting the road for Wu-Tang’s 20th Anniversary Tour in the summer, and joining our CMJ showcase in the fall. However, the biggest headline in Nehru news last year was the announcement of a collaborative project with none other than the Supervillain, MF DOOM. (A release date for NehruvianDOOM still hasn’t been revealed, but please believe we’ll let you know as soon as one is.)


This year, Nehru surprised fans of Disclosure – comprised by brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence – when he opened for the UK electronic duo during their weekend-long residency at Terminal 5 in mid-January. Although an announcement had been made via the NYC venue’s website and the emcee’s Facebook page, most concert-goers seemed perplexed when he took the stage. After rocking a short set showcasing his tongue-twisting lyricism, Nehru won the crowd over, which previously looked poised to boo him off the stage quicker than a white rapper at the Apollo Theater.

It turns out Guy and Howard had the young rapper on their radar well before January. Three days later Bishop Nehru released, “You Stressin'” produced by… yep you guessed it – Disclosure. Amidst his busy month, Nehru spoke with us on how the collaboration came to be.

Bishop Nehru You Stressin

Mass Appeal: How’d you link up with Disclosure?

Bishop Nehru: They mentioned me in an MTV interview saying they wanted to work with me and I was down to work and see what we could create together!

MA: How did “You Stressin'” come about?

BN: Production wise, Disclosure gave me a rough [version] of the beat they were working on. I wrote to it in like a day or so and recorded that same day, sent it back, and they finished up the beat.

MA: Favorite line on the track?

BN: ‘Getting cream and exposure / reaching my dreams they seem closer‘ 1696 style.

MA: How would you describe the track compared to your previous work?

BN: This track is probably one of my most complete tracks. I love it. Lyrically, though it’s kind of old. I’ve improved greatly.

MA: How’s the track been received by your fans?

BN: Ah man, it’s been amazing. Everyone’s loving it right now. It’s dope!

MA: I noticed that the track already has 123,000 plays* compared to your other top tracks which have about 12,000-15,000. Do you think the new exposure will give you an opportunity to showcase your skills to a larger audience?

BN: Geez, thanks for pointing that out. [Laughs]

MA: What do you have to say to people that are still sleeping on your skills?

BN: Nothing, it’s whatever. I make music for me and I kinda lost track of that. I’m back though. NEHRUV14

Check out Bishop Nehru’s new track “You Stressin'” (prod. by Disclosure) below and be on the look out for NehruvianDOOM dropping later this year.

*At the time of the interview. The track now has 370,000+ plays.

Bishop Nehru You Stressin

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