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Bisco Smith: World Upside Down

Bisco Smith: World Upside Down

Riot Rebellion Black White Art Gray

Low Brow Artique Gallery in Brooklyn presents a brand new solo exhibit from Bisco Smith. Better known as BISC1 in the graffiti and hip hop world, the renowned artist presents World Upside Down, a collection of mixed media pieces that comment on the state of today’s changing world. With global systems and social matrices that are quickly eroding and evolving, Bisco attempts to make sense of this shift via 50 plus pieces that blend black, white, and gray imagery and photography to comment on the matters at physical and sociological hand. There’s abandoned architecture, derelict wiring, and pathways into the tonal unknown.

The opening reception for the exhibition goes down this Friday, August 9th (6PM-10PM) with the exhibition itself showing until September 7th.

City Scape Art Black White Gray Electric Wire Sky Black White Art
Opening DJ Lo Brow Artique Daylight Curfew

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