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Billy Woods “Gilgamesh”

Billy Woods “Gilgamesh”

Billy Woods puts in a long, pensive day’s worth of hustle that goes from dinner with and engaged ex to hotel rooms with customers.

For those deep in the thick of it, the New York City underbelly is a plethora of stories, both good and bad. Just ask Brooklyn rapper Billy Woods, whose visuals for his single “Gilgamesh” paint a vignette of a brooding protagonist, compelling characters, and fleeting moments. The mood is actually the perfect introduction to the MC’s new solo project, Dour Candy, produced entirely by Blockhead (Ninja Tune, Def Jux). Put it this way, Mr. Woods has a package of goods–this album–that he has to get to his customer(s)–you. But in between the lines lie the obscure routes, rendezvous with infidelity, hotel rooms, and package drop-offs that make the story that much more interesting to tell.

Fans can listen to more of Billy Woods and snag their own copy of Dour Candy here. The album also features appearances from the likes of  Aesop Rock, Open Mike Eagle, Elucid, Moka Only and L’Wren.

Cellphone Hand Dark Shadow Black
Hands Wedding Ring Band Black
Backseat Lady Female Woman White Dress Black Pensive Thinking Sad
Phone Graffiti Building Background
Lady Woman White Brown Hair Light White Head
Luggage Duffel Bag Black Man Walking Delivery
Black Locs Dread Naked Sitting