Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart

Billboard Launches Real-Time Chart With Twitter

Insider trading welcomed.

Today, Billboard launched their “Real-Time Chart” platform, which allows users to see what songs people are sharing the most on Twitter. The platform includes two different charts: Trending 140 and Emerging Artists. The former analyzes the acceleration in shares for a particular song, while the latter focuses on number of shares. Each chart includes Spotify integration, allowing users to listen to the entire chart as a playlist.

Billboard explained the prevalence of music on Twitter in a post on their website:

“The charts are specifically designed to work with how users share and interact with music on Twitter, which is the most discussed subject on the platform in the U.S. with more than one billion Tweets sent about the topic in 2013. One-hundred million of those Tweets came from music accounts, and seven of the top 10 most-followed accounts on the entire platform are musicians.”

Billboard will provide a weekly recap of the top songs from each chart on their website and in print.

Billboard Emerging Artists Twitter Chart
Billboard Trending 140
Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart

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