Bike Doc by Lucas Brunelle Rides for Alley-Cat Racing

The ride or die documentary by Lucas Brunelle finally comes to DVD.

Screw those cats on YouTube. Those felines eating up your precious work hours are just another bunch of pussies compared to the alley-cat racers documented in Lucas Brunelle’s film, Line of Sight. You could watch the sport of alley-cat racing all day, everyday on YouTube if you were so inclined, but ultimately you should be overwhelmed by the urge to hop on a bike and zip through the congestion of your metropolis. Brunelle’s footage of 10 years on the road, arrives on DVD this Sunday, July 1st. He’s shown peddling alongside bike messengers across 20 countries, and 10 cities around the world cheating death. It’s real deal cycling, in the trenches, akin to the street bombing of aerosol artists. See the connection between Brunelle’s cast of bike messengers, and Futura, who’s hand style is in the title cards. The cultures cross, all for the right reason. A-alike, B-Alike. C your way to their cat-like reflexes in the trailer.

Line of Sight Documentary

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