“Control” Is a Sandwich From Katz Deli

Big Sean's new track "Control" is a lyrical sandwich of epic proportions.


Did anyone teach you how to make a sandwich? Unless you’re KFC, you probably don’t need a reminder, but just in case: If you wanna make a good-ass sandwich, get a piece of bread then stack that motha with the best shit you can think of, then put another piece of bread on top.

Big Sean’s new track “Control,” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica, is a lavish lyrical sandwich of epic proportions. And the “best shit you can think of” in the middle, happens to be vicious bars from the reigning king of hip hop. “Control” is a pastrami sandwich from Katz Delicatessen.

Sean, Kendrick and Jay Elec trade verses over the No I.D. produced track. Let me take that back, there is no trading here, and if there is, then the exchange rate is f*cked up. While Big Sean and Jay Electronica showcase their lyrical prowess on the track, it pales in comparison to the bars from King Kendrick. The Compton MC doesn’t steal the spotlight on “Control,” he turns everyones’ power off, then proceeds to stand on top of the Empire State Building with a trillion watt spotlight on him, yelling, “King Kong ain’t got shit on me!

This is not “Kendrick Lamar’s best verse,” this is a wake up call to hip hop. It’s not 1996, there’s no East Coast vs West Coast beef (or pastrami), you either stake your claim as the king of both coasts, or you get the Robb Stark treatment.

While we expect the former King[s] Of New York to respond in kind, we’ll keep “Control” on repeat in the meantime. How that sandwich taste?

Big Sean Hall Of Fame Control

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  • salt on everything

    It’s a shit sandwich. Extract all the hype and it’s got about the same shelf life as a loaf of bread.