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Premier: B.I.C. “That’s Right”

Premier: B.I.C. “That’s Right”


Quatro-man group B.I.C. finally puts visuals to their standout track “Thats Right” from their latest project Influence. Just in time for Halloween, The IV-directed video finds each member of the group suiting up and channeling their inner Beatle with Yesus 199 as John Lennon, Ills Spills as Paul McCartney, Izzy Oz as George Harrison, and Pete as Ringo Starr.

The guys walk around starting trouble, dipping cigarettes in coffee, kicking over tables and stealing a baby. They get trippy as well smoking wild weed, jousting on freestyle bikes, and kicking it with some exotic girls, all while rapping their asses off over the MP the God instrumental.

In this day and age, where being cool means being different, it’s great to see rappers not taking themselves so serious and adding a comedic approach to their visual components (Blue Chips 2 trailer anyone?). These charismatic emcees forge their personalities into their videos as well as their music, giving you the full package. Check out their album Influence and share your thoughts with us on the video and project.

Bitches is Crazy "Thats Right"