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Beyond Loiter Squad’s “Beyond Scared Straight” Sketch

Beyond Loiter Squad’s “Beyond Scared Straight” Sketch


In last week’s episode of Loiter Squad, the players (that’s theater talk fam, ladies love a cultured gentleman) addressed the subject of jail, showing what happens when teens with crime on their minds come face to face with hardened felons, in a sketch called “Beyond Scared Straight.” The sketch is derived from the hit television series Scared Straight.

Originally airing in 1978, Scared Straight is an uncensored documentary in which a set of juvenile delinquents spend quality time with felons, some of which started out just like the teens that are the focus of the piece. The original documentary was filmed at the notorious Rahway State Prison, and includes a three hour session where inmates serving life sentences, aka “lifers,” break the kids down in order to get them to change their ways. The exchange is a no-holds-barred attempt to “scare them straight,” and gets so intense that even the camera-men aren’t safe from the fury of the inmates.

While the whimsy of the West Coast whippersnappers results in a hilarious exchange between Earl (the inmate) and the teens, Scared Straight is a very serious and very real situation.

How real? Well, let’s take a look a the history of the show and its craziest moments.

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As we mentioned, Scared Straight gets pretty real. After having stints on various television networks, the series moved to A&E, which allowed them to push the boundaries provided by cable television. In this first clip, we come into contact with one of the “tougher” juveniles; he remains unwavering in the face of an inmate trying to pull his card… queue “Hustle Man.” After berating the teen, slowly breaking him down and letting him know how much of a tenderloin he’d end up being in the clink, things take a turn for the worse. You’re gonna have to watch the clip to find out exactly what happens. Let’s just say the inmate had to be restrained…

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