Beyonce Drunk In Love

Beyoncé “Drunk In Love” (Emoji Version)


While Beyoncé isn’t officially behind this video the fact that someone made this is genius. Who knew emojis could be so versatile? Although the Russian man in a cossack hat substituting for Jay Z is a bit of a stretch, we won’t get into emoji racism right now. Anyway, The emojitastic unofficial video for Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” takes emoji capabilities to the next level with the little buggers poppin’ along to the lyrics like it’s nobody’s business. Something about the smiley poop emoji juxtaposed against the raw sexuality of the lyrics makes for hysterical laughing every time. So does the surfboard.

Young people these days get a lot of shit for everything. Social networking is ruining the world, we don’t communicate on a real level anymore, yada yada yada. But if the emoji sing-along is the modern day equivalent of the ’80s serenade with the boom box outside your window, I’m all for it. It’s way less awkward and you don’t have to ride on a lawn mower after.

Beyonce Drunk In Love

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