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“Better Out Than In” Movie on the Way From Banksy?

“Better Out Than In” Movie on the Way From Banksy?

Banksy is gearing up for an eventful summer. A recent update to his website hints he’s about to get back to the streets or maybe even the silver screen.

As of yesterday June 9, Banksy’s website has been given somewhat of a facelift. With updates to its various sections including a Q&A section confirming that he was indeed responsible for the Cheltenham piece and an open gallery of previously unseen original works. Something is bubbling. The most notable update to the site was the announcement of a Better Out Than In film trailer that is supposed to drop in the coming days.

banksy better out than in movie screenshot


Eerily enough, there is only a thumbnail provided of a YouTube video purporting to be a screenshot of the upcoming trailer. We call shenanigans over on this side for now, since it appears to share the same thumbnail as the video Banksy sent to the Webby Awards when he accepted his award for person of the year. From the info within the image above, it appears to be roughly the same length.

We’ll be on watch and update you fine, art folks as news rolls in. Hopefully, we’ll all be checking out the trailer for a new movie in the coming days.


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