BET Awards 12 Mobile App

BET Awards Mobile App May End Show’s Legacy Of Ratchetness

Samuel Jackson goes from endorsing Apple's Siri, to hosting the new tech savvy BET Awards. Do you hear them now?

BET Mobile released a really cool gaming and archival footage app for Android and iOS devices. The 2012 BET Awards is on July 1 in LA, but fans of the annual awards show got a taste of its alleged sophistication through its accompanying app weeks before the broadcast.

Not much has been written about the application because the lineup of performers and guest stars eclipsed its release. In fact, Mashable was one of the sites who wrote about it twice, heralding its coolness.

So what’s the deal with this thing, is it any good? Is BET Mobile’s sophistication an indication of the troubled awards show finally being polished like, say, The Grammys? You’ll have to watch the show but, in the meantime, here’s what you can do with the app’s two features to get into pre-show mode:

Gaming: Guess the lineup of celebrity performers. Vote for nominees with the slide of a finger by shooting disks into a moving goal. The more disks a user makes in 15 seconds, the more votes he or she will tally for a specific nominee. The high scorers for each nominee will have their Twitter avatars and handles featured in the game’s top-left corner for all users to see.

History: There’s a clickable timeline of the BET Awards, videos of memorable moments, in-depth artist profiles and curated tweets.

“Our main goals in doing this app were to deepen our viewers’ connection to the show and to give them more reasons to tune into the live broadcast,” Brandon Lucas, BET’s VP of mobile, told Mashable ahead of the app’s launch last month.


BET Awards 12 Mobile App

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