The Best Hip Hop Documentaries on Netflix

We comprise a list featuring 5 of the best Hip Hop documentaries on Netflix "instant play" for those un-eventful nights.

There will be days when your funds are running low and you can’t make it to the latest movie or that poppin’ concert uptown. Don’t sweat it. We got you covered with some of the best hip hop documentaries on Netflix “instant play” this month, free of charge. If you don’t have a Netflix account, borrow your cousin’s neighbor’s account, or watch these full hip hop documentaries over on YouTube.

Bling: A Planet Rock – 2007

Before A$AP Rocky graced our TV screens with a mouth full of gold, Paul Wall grabbed our attention with his “disco ball” grill, made entirely out of diamonds. Director Raquel Cepeda takes Wall, Tego Calderon and Raekwon on a journey to the motherland in this 2007 documentary film. Cepeda’s quest? To show these noted MC’s where their massive diamonds came from, and what they really cost two nations. Bling: A Planet Rock forces the “glossy” trio to witness the remnants of war-torn Sierra Leone; here, they also interact with natives affected by the sales of “blood diamonds” while also meeting the people behind the companies profiting from it all.

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