Mass Appeal’s Guide to the Best Food at SXSW

Chow down like a king at this year's SXSW.

Austin’s annual SXSW kicks off today. Mass Appeal absolutely killed it at last year’s festival, so this year we knew we had to turn it way up. If you’re going to be there to support, you’re gonna be blazing and will need energy and fuel. In order to make your life easier, we’re here to help with a guide to the best food at SXSW. Stay tuned until the end of the guide for some food surprises.

Best Food at SXSW is Mr P Electric Cock

1. Mr P’s Electric Cock

The food truck is offering a modern twist on fried chicken and waffles. All of their chicken is locally sourced fresh and never frozen. Yummy and good for you. What to order: obviously the fried chicken, truffle mac and cheese, and their coleslaw.

Waffle Bus chicken waffle SXSW Food

2. The Waffle Bus

Pretty self explanatory, The Waffle Bus is a food truck that offers everything waffle. If you love waffles, this is clearly your new home at SXSW. This is a festival goers dream. Behold, their best items: the waffle burger, chicken and waffle fryders, and s’mores!

Best SXSW food Garbo's Lobster Truck Lobster Roll

3. Garbo’s Lobster Truck

If your mouth is watering from that picture, you have just found paradise. Garbo’s Lobster Truck will be taking its talents to SXSW this year and it may be hard to choose between their two famous roll options. Their best items are also their only items: Lobster Roll Maine Style or Lobster Roll Connecticut Style (pictured above). Damn.

East Side King Pork Buns SXSW Food

4. East Side King

There’s plenty of variety at this year’s SXSW, including Austin’s famous Asian street food spot East Side King.  Satisfy your exotic cravings with some pork buns, fried Brussels sprouts, Thai chicken and jasmine rice. Don’t miss out on these flavors from the far east. Too much food? Just smoke another joint. You’re at a festival dude.

Chi'Lantro Kimchi Fries SXSW Food

5. Chi’Lantro

To continue the exotic vibes, the Chi’Lantro food truck is blessing SXSW with it’s Mexican and Korean BBQ. These guys are known for their Kimchi fries (pictured above), but don’t fret, they also make a mean burger, taco, burrito, and quesadilla. Adding to the flavor, you can add a fried egg to any meal.

Best SXSW Food Burro Cheese Kitchen grilled cheese

6. Burro Cheese Kitchen

Do you daydream about grilled cheese? It is extremely important to you to have the perfect ratio of cheese to bread, with just the right melting temperature? Burro Cheese Kitchen is not just any gourmet grilled cheese. In fact, they’ve mastered the grilled cheese in a whole different way. Burro is known for their next level croque-madame on buttery sourdough bread. Don’t forget to cop that bread pudding for dessert.

Gourdoughs Glazed Chocolate Donut SXSW Food

7. Gourdoughs

Bacon donuts, PB&J donuts, chicken donuts, chocolate donuts, brownie donuts, heath bar donuts. You name the donut. They have the donut. Gourdough’s, famous for their slogan “big fat donuts,” will by your side to support all your sweet tooth needs at SXSW.

The Peached Tortilla array of tacos SXSW Food

8. The Peached Tortilla

This food truck brings a traditional Southern cuisine to SXSW with an urban Asian flair. They have brisket and tempura beer battered onion strings. On that note, I will say no more.

Shake Shack platter at SXSW Food


Yes, the rumors are true. Danny Meyer has a pop-up Shake Shack in order for SXSW. What are you gonna have for dessert after you have the best burger in the world? Oh, why not the best dessert in the world?

Best SXSW Food Dominique Ansel Milk and Cookie cups


The famous bakery owner and creative extraordinaire, who is best known for his invention of the “Cronut,” is bringing us something new and pretty damn ridiculous. Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots. Milk, in an edible cookie. In other words, I have a new religion. I should go to SXSW just for this.

Lindsey won’t be at SXSW but she will be dreaming about the cookie milk shots day and night. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Rachel

    So basically the surprise here is that this must be sponsored by south bites food trailer park or written on the fly…considering 1-8 are from there. I’m not saying these places aren’t good; however, this is hardly a guide for good food at sxsw. This list is what’s in one food trailer parking lot…literally.