‘Beneath the Streets’ by Matt Litwack and Jurne

500+ pictures of whats under NYC.

Internationally acclaimed artist Jurne and New York native Matt Litwack have been exploring the world as graffiti writers for decades. One of their favorite subjects is the New York City subway system, which contains abandoned underground stations and tracks that extend 600 miles.


Together the two explored the ancient tunnels and unseen subway tracks of New York City, gathering over 500 photos in the process. These photos have been compiled in a book titled “Beneath the Streets,” with contributions from Chino, Chris ‘Freedom’ Pape, Cope2, Curve, Espo, Haze, InkHead, Martha Cooper, Mr. Smith, Revs, Risk9, Sp. One, Wane, Yes2, and many others.

The following was quoted by Metro.us in an interview:

Well, the history of graffiti can be found there, which fascinated me at a young age. It’s like a time capsule, with some of the graffiti dating back to the 1970s. It’s also a timeless environment — there’s nothing down there different than what it was 55 years ago or longer in some cases. “ – Matt Litwack

“It really is crazy to see all the layers of history that are down there, seeing tags signed by writers who left them before I was born.” – Jurne

Check out the books Instagram @beneaththestreetsnyc





A release party is scheduled for Thursday, July 10th at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn.

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