Nate Lacoste doing an F/S Feeble Ben Karpinski photo

Shutter Thug: Ben Karpinski

Hurricanes, boardslides, and feebles. Oh my!

Thanks to the Interwebs, these days skate videos are a dime a dozen. But the art of good old-fashioned skate photography? That’s a bit more elusive. So every week #OnTheGrind likes to honor the slow process of visual progress with our weekly feature on a shutter thug that we feel is capturing some awesome or unique shredding. 

Ben Karpinski hails from Cypress, California. His shots have been featured everywhere from The Skateboard Mag to Thrasher. This week his work’s made it on to ESPN’s X Games site and it features a slew of images from his travels to SoCal, Texas, and Illinois.

Check out the entire series of Ben’s “March 2014 Portfolio” photos for ESPN here.

Nate Lacoste doing an F/S Feeble Ben Karpinski photo

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