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Beenie Man “Rock The World” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Beenie Man “Rock The World” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

It’s been a long time since the world had a Beenie Man hit that wasn’t tied to a major label backed production, like The Neptunes. Actually, some of Beenie Man’s best hits were on riddims like “Battery Dolly” (Streetsweeper Riddim), and “Bookshelf” (Bookshelf Riddim). Thanks to the co-production of the Sewage Breath Riddim by Dorian Benson and Richie Dawkins, they make Beenie feel like he’s in 2004. The video to this classic-in-the-making just looks and feels like a true Beenie Man record. It’s unapologetic in how raw it is, shot on a green screen, super-imposing fake explosions behind Beenie Man and showing the lady lumps of the background dancers. Okay, it may reminisce of previous videos from Major Lazer, but beautiful, thanks to director and Mass Appeal fam, Stephen K. Schuster.

We hit up Dorian before posting and he had this to say about the making of the track:

“When Beenie Man recorded “Rock The World” he references his Audi Jeep. So I had it in my head that he would have a few scenes in the video with the Audi: good in theory but challenging in practice.

The garage door to the green screen room was virtually the same width as the Audi itself and it took a good 10-15 mins getting the car in and another 10-15 mins getting it out. The whole production crew were all tense because we knew that if anything happened to the vehicle we would definitely lose favor with Beenie and his camp. Thankfully we got his car out without a hitch but we were sweating for a second there.”

Beenie Man “Rock The World” (Sewage Breath Riddim)
Production: BRUKKOUT for RPR Music
Directors: Stephen k. Schuster & Weird Days

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