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Beastie Boys to Stop Making Music

Beastie Boys to Stop Making Music

The Beastie Boys are currently tangled in a legal dispute with Monster Energy Drink, whom the group is suing for illegal usage of the their music in a promotional video. In court last week, Mike D revealed that as a promise to the late Adam “MCA” Yauch, they will not be making anymore new music.

According to NY News Daily, Mike D said:

“We have not been able to tour since MCA, Adam Yauch, died,” Diamond said. “We can’t make new music.

During his testimony, Mike D also revealed  the group had turned down a request to use “Sabotage” in the recent Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie that shares the the same name, saying: “We weren’t fans of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s recent… work, we do not let our music get used in commercials for commercial products.”


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