Bay Area Rapper Mistah F.A.B. Reportedly Slaps DJ Mustard

Talk Sh*t, Get Slapped... Reportedly.

Beef in rap these days is straight Kobe, and now that succulent sirloin has now reached the flavor filled shores of The Bay. This time around, the pugilists in the spat are allegedly bastion of The Bay, Mistah F.A.B. and DJ Mustard, who hails from LA but has made a name making “Bay Area” beats.

According to reports, F.A.B. slapped DJ Mustard mid-set at the “Young California” show on June 8. While some may be wondering why/how the situation came about, just know it’s all about paying homage, something The Bay seems to fall victim to time and time again.

On May 14, DJ Mustard appeared on NYC’s Power 105 for an interview with “The Breakfast Club.” In the interview, Mustard took some time to address, or to not “address,” haters that claim that he’s made a name for himself while “stealing The Bay sound.” After some prying by Power 105’s DJ Envy, Mustard admits that it was Mistah Fab’s statements in an interview months earlier that rubbed him the wrong way, when it was inferred that Mustard was “stealing” the Bay Area sound.

Mustard claims to have never heard of F.A.B., feigning ignorance and refuting claims of thievery by simply pulling a Kanye and saying, “If you can do it better than me, than you do it!

Let’s just say Mistah F.A.B. was on high alert and let some tweets fly. Highlighting the Breakfast Club interview, Fabby Davis Jr. found it interesting that months earlier in an interview with Complex, Mustard mentioned that Fab’s work was in the mix of what he grew up on.

mistah fab dj mustard complex interview 2014


There’s no denying Mustard’s impact on the charts, but like most artists that transcend the “urban” bubble and spin their proverbial hair into gold– on some Rapunzel shiz– homage paid is scant.

mistah fab tweet at dj mustard pay homage

Drake, rap’s chameleon, is known for usurping the style of various regions, amplifying the sound and turning it into a catchy hip-pop tune that gets lost in the ambiance, rather than being immersed in the history. Guess the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” On his collaboration with YG “Who Do You Love,” Drake takes the lines and flow from Bay Area emcee Rappin’ 4-Tay, which left a sour taste in many folks’ mouth. It seems to be how things go for The Bay and its aesthetic.

Lil B came through and rap’s never been the same. The hyphy videos of old appear to be the Chauvet paintings from which Chiraq’s dread-heavy head banging is derived, and of course this “ghost-riding the whip” is at an all time high.

Let’s not get it twisted: Mustard isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, to appropriate something dope and make it his own. Folks do it on the daily. Homage and acknowledgment of influence is important, but often gets put to the side in this new age of “instant gratification.” Within the realm of rap, though, you will get slapped tho’… reportedly.

According to the Twitter-sphere, Interwebz forums, and social media abound, it looks like Mistah F.A.B. finally took matter into his own hands, opting to ask Mustard, “What did the five fingers say to the face?” Additionally, it’s been reported that YG was also jumped and had his chain stolen. No updates just yet, but here’s what YG had to say via Twitter last night:

YG on twitter responding to accusationsCan’t we all just go dumb?!?!


It appears that all is good in the West. YG and DJ Mustard can be seen in the following video overcompensating doing rap regular rapper stuff: flossing, flaunting, counting freshly withdrawn funds…

Proving, to someone out there, that they’re unscathed and none of the reported altercations actually went down. That is, until the TMZ footage drops.


According to urban media & culture hub WorldstarHipHop, an altercation did occur, as seen in the above video footage from behind the DJ Booth. Although DJ Mustard and YG posted a video to Instagram alluding to nothing of the sort happening, it appears from the video provided from a concert-goer that something did indeed go down. Whatever happened, it didn’t stop the lady at the front of the stage from stoppin’ her thizzle thiz. We see you mama!


Damn, looks like DJ Mustard really got slapped… allegedly.

In this new clip from the crowd, posted to Worldstar Hip Hop, we see someone that appears to be DJ Mustard behind the DJ booth. Then we see said person get slapped. Although this is all “speculation” and we can’t clearly see the parties involved, it’s pretty evident what went down, but again we will keep you posted with any updates.

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  • Noob Saibot

    Anybody surprised Oakland with the shits? Didnt think so.


    Mustard bit off more than he could chew this time

  • Ian Carter

    this sounds like a matter for #RapStatus to resolve and let’s get back to the west coast music evolution at the Bay Area producer for the last 13 years I produce Mistah fab I remix songs will yg I rapped over DJ mustard beats #CheckMyStatus T.V. SHOW – BAD BITCH DOT COM: