“Basquiat the Musical” Coming Soon

Talk about paintings coming to life. A new Basquiat musical is in the works.

Photo by Julio Donoso/Corbis

Hip hop’s favorite painter is set to take on another medium as reports trickle in that Jean-Michel Basquiat will be the subject of an upcoming Broadway play. A private reading is scheduled for Monday June 24th with “Motown” star Eric LaJuan Summers set to play the part of the 80’s neo-expresionist artist.

The play will follow Basquiat’s life, from emerging as a graffiti artist, to his involvement in the cultural revolution of his time, to his untimely death in 1988, when the then 27-year-old suffered a heroin overdose. The musical was written by Chris Blisset, Matt Uremovich, and Larry Tobias and will be directed by Paul Stancato. There’s no word on who will play Basquiat’s mentor Andy Warhol, or friend and brief love interest Madonna (both pictured below), but Stancato’s wife and current “Mamma Mia” star Felicia Finley is also attached.

We’ll be interested to monitor casting choices as reports come out, to gauge whether or not this Basquiat movement has officially jumped the shark. Regardless, we’re sure Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Swizz Beatz will be in attendance on opening night.

Photo by Ricky Powell
Photo by Steve Torton

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