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Basement Jaxx “Never Say Never” Video

Basement Jaxx “Never Say Never” Video

Don’t worry, Basement Jaxx aren’t doing a Fonzi Bieberelli cover. In their new music video for “Never Say Never,” like the Basement Jaxx boys created a world where that “dancing ban” in Japan was never lifted. Dance appears to be breathing its last breath, and because of this a solution must be found.

After years of development and a salacious promise between colleagues, an answer comes to fruition solving the world’s most dire issue. That solution is the Twerkbot 1.0. Will it be a success? Will it fail and condemn all humanity to a future where gyration of the hips, undulating of the spines, and popping of the cheeks are no longer a way of life?!

Hit the video player up top to see the madness unfold and the specs of the Twerkbot 1.0. “Never Say Never” features vocals from ETML and will appear on Basement Jaxx’s new album Junto, dropping August 25.

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