Obama for America Takes it to the Hole

A chance to ball with Obama and MJ might be one of your most greatest or regrettable moments. Don't get posterized.

Obama Classic Basketball Michael Jordan

They’re playing basketball!!! The democratic party and Barack Obama that is. Today if you visit Obama’s website, or if you’re getting the campaign’s e-mail updates pushed to your inbox you most likely had to pick your jaw up off the floor when you read about a chance to play basketball with Obama, CARMELO ANTHONY, RAJON RONDO, and MICHAEL JORDAN. C’mon son, anyone could put down their allegiance to the left or the right just to say you hooped it up with not just Obama, but with a few NBA greats. If you win the contest, you and a friend, or family member can join in or simply attend as a spectator. The way to enter though is by donating the minimum of $35 to the Obama for America campaign as soon as possible. The contest ends today (no time specified).

Obama’s fundraising is crazy right now, burning through cash like there’s no tomorrow. Much of the spending has been allocated to things like grassroots initiatives just to register voters, and paying for advertising to get him back in for a second term. Celebrities donating to the campaign have helped Obama like Anna Wintour, Aaron Sorkin and Harvey Weinstein. Not too shabby of a guest list, right? These fundraisers are part of the high-brow company he’s keeping. The basketball classic he’s planning with Jordan and co., follows suit like his other contests where supporters have opportunities to dine with Obama.


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