Playboy Bape Capsule Collection Hat

Bape x Playboy Capsule Collection

The Japanese based brand hooks up with the well known mens magazine for a very clean, yet simple collaboration.

Images from the Bape and Playboy capsule collection

The Japan-based brand Bape is teaming up with the well-known men’s magazine “Playboy” for a very clean collection of hats, t-shirts, button-down shirts, polo-style shirts, crew neck sweaters, and even bow ties. This is one collaboration that no one saw coming, at least until the teaser photos were unveiled last week. Now we have photos of the full capsule collection. The use of Bape’s signature camo and Playboy’s infamous bunny logo gives the collection balance, neither brand’s imagery overpowers the other. They keep it simple with this collaboration, and in this day-in-age, simplicity is key. If you are looking to get your hands on any of these pieces, the collection will be released July 6th. Check out more photos below.

Playboy hat and bowtie

Playboy and bape sweater and cardigan





Playboy Bape Capsule Collection Hat

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