UK Street Artists Are Not Feeling The Olympics

Some of the most notorious artists are running rings around the Olympics. The writing's on the wall.

UK street artists are not feeling the London 2012 Olympics judging from the crop of work popping up around the country days before the games kick off.

Banksy (“High Jump” pictured above), Criminal Chalkist and a slew of artists, some you may have never heard of, are throwing in their two-cents with artwork and commentary that tackles the commercialization, commodification and the exploitative nature of the games, through puns or destroying symbols associated with the Olympics. Truth be told, street artists have turned available surfaces into their own Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner and are protesting vehemently.

UK art centric site Is This Future gathered an impressive collection of work whose irony is, of course, biting. Check out some of our favorites below.

“Olympic Toilet Dive graffiti” (photo by Tim Callaghan)

“Javelin Missle” – Banksy

“Olympic Corporate Takeaway!” – Mau Mau

“Mandeville” – Teddy-Baden

“Illuminati Olympic” – Mr. Moustache (photo by Maggie Jones)

“100 Metre Dash” – Criminal Chalkist


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