Emceez Ansari Parodies Hip-Hop Album Covers

The actor/comedian puts a spin on cover art from A$AP Rocky to Dr. Dre. Live Love Aziz.

The bridge between comedy and hip-hop has long been established and well traveled. With mutual respect between the two mediums, it’s no surprise that comedian Aziz Ansari often incorporates elements of the musical genre into his work. Whether it’s relaying his encounters with Kanye or closing his show with his rap alter ego, Raaaaaaandy (yes, with eight A’s), Aziz is clearly down.

As he is wrapping up his US tour, he’s taken to the Internet to debut his collection of parodied hip-hop covers on his new Tumblr Emceez Ansari. We’re fans of shitty parodies of movie posters, album covers and other pop culture references. Aziz has raised the bar on this digital subculture and poked fun at some of rap’s most prolific album art. Take a look at some of his photoshopped masterpieces and hit up his Tumblr to check out the entire collection.

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