Azealia Banks Leaks “Jumanji”

Queen of Harlem or Princess, whichever crown you pick, Azealia Banks is fit to wear it with every dose of music leading up to her formal debut album. For now, she brings you to NY's concrete jungle in "Jumanji."

Azealia Banks took to her Twitter to leak the song “Jumanji” from her upcoming mixtape, Fantastic. If you had any doubt about Azealia’s lyrical skill before, this song will definitely change your perspective. She embodied this song (prod. by Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook) with an ’98 Cam’Ron flow, except for the singing part. Harlem has never had a female rapper with such a buzz. Azealia will release an EP, titled 1991 and mixtape before her album, Broke with Expensive Taste dropping later this year.

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  • Ladyt

    Azealia  Banks is sexy. like a nice tall bad of Hershey’s Kissesssss. yummmm-eeeeeeee!