Azealia Banks “Aquababe” MP3 (Prod. Machinedrum)

If you could string together all the new material put out by Azealia Banks, you'd have a fancy pearl necklace.

Azealia Banks "Aquababe" MP3

“Aquababe” may or may not be the future of seapunk. What we do know is that “Aquababe” started out as a track by West Coaster Eprom called “Regis Chillbin.” That was until Brooklyn based Machinedrum remixed the beat and connected with his old friend Azealia Banks. Machinedrum is in his element, bringing a bubbling bassline to the table. The rest of the track’s heat is doused by Banks spitting darts. “Why’s the sky blue, why’s water wet?” Oh, that’s a Ghostface reference, sorry. Azealia Banks has a sharp sword, and an even sharper tongue. Peace Sonja Blade. We get down with this young grasshopper.

The next Azealia Banks mixtape, Fantasea drops July 4th.

Azealia Banks "Aquababe" MP3

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