Avril Lavigne Isn’t Racist, Her Song Just Sucks

Either Avril is getting paid crazy cash from the Hello Kitty franchise, or her career just took a nose-dive straight to Kawaii hell.

The Internet gods have proclaimed Avril Lavigne’s new music video “Hello Kitty” as grade-A racism, and took it down from YouTube. (The Internet loves the racists)

Why so serious? No idea.

I don’t remember seeing any bedazzled KKK cloaks, dancing Nazi swastikas, or Word Art font with the words “JAP” in colorful letters, or any other Japanese racial slurs from the Racial Slur Database, for that mater. (Yes. That exists.) All I saw was a shitty-ass music video, far removed from Lavigne’s signature sound.

You can’t deny, no matter what race you are, we were all bumping “Sk8tr Boy” and “Complicated” on our iPods back in ’02. In a painful, and apparently racist, attempt to revive her career, the Canadian singer took a lesson from Gwen Stefani (via “Hollaback Girl“) with her Kawaii-inspired video, which features a team of Japanese dancing girls in matching outfits, along side the Canadian pop princess in a cupcake tutu. Not cute.

The video is really just an eye-sore, full of candy, huge beanbag donuts and cupcakes, and an annoying subtitle box that translates the English lyrics into both English and Japanese – as if we needed it.

Either Avril is getting paid crazy cash from the Hello Kitty franchise, or her career just took a nose-dive straight to Kawaii hell, according to the Internet.

Question: If Kesha or Lady Gaga came out with this video instead of Avril, would it still be racist? “Cultural crossover'” maybe? I think not.

Check out the video in the player above and hit us with your thoughts.

Racist or Nah ?

Gyasi fucks with Inuyasha, but can’t stomach Avril’s Japanese inspired music video. 

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  • Lvillainy

    Racist in the sense that she’s bastardizing a culture just for the sake of a shitty display/chorus. Same reason I think Gwen’s just as bad when she had her little Japanese school girl posse.