Avriel “Failed Messiah”

Los Angeles songstress Avriel drops her latest track.

Electric songstress Avriel graces our ears once again with her latest song, “Failed Messiah.” The Miles Brandon-produced track captures Avriel dealing with self examination over a slow tempo R&B bounce. As a listener, you’re drawn in by the 808 bounce and smooth chord progression of the beat, but the stealth approach in her message and delivery is what makes you stay around and fiend for more. The ambient air in her voice compliments the open interpretation of her lyrics. 

The Los Angeles songwriter is someone to watch out for if you’re looking for quality, plus may I mention that she’s kind of fine. too? That doesn’t hurt, but at the same time, it shouldn’t distract you from her message. When asked about this song Avriel said:

“On one hand this song is about my personal struggle to find meaningful relationships during a transitional period in my life. On the other hand it’s a cultural critique.

The artwork featuring what seems to be a boy and girl having tea and biscuits in front of a mushroom cloud in the desert is by Sajjad Musa. While we wait for the visuals and the date of her upcoming projects, you can check out her previous single Paranormal Paradigm here.

Failed Messiah by Sajjad Musa

   "Failed Messiah" Avriel in the streets

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