Avriel “Paranormal Paradigm”

Avriel sedcues you into her stream-of-consciousness on her latest track "Paranormal Paradigm."

King Avriel - Paranormal Paradigm

California’s Avriel has released her latest track “Paranormal Paradigm,” a laid back, ambient tune. The Andrew Thomas Reid , Hasan Insane, and Napo produced track sneaks a conscience message in between layers of sonic seduction. The songstress touches on today’s generation, and our constant need to seek approval from others. When asked about her inspiration behind the song, Avriel said:

I drew on atmospheric and cinematic soundscapes to construct Paranormal Paradigm. While the song is an alternative interpretation of RnB, the soundscape is an amalgamation of real world sounds that both contrast my lyrical critique of the digital world, and provide metaphors for several messages in the song. For example, the baby crying in the background is symbolic of our relative infancy in the new media world, while the thunder is a metaphor for the turmoil we experience when navigating these spaces (it also accents the “Super Natural” double entendre I use in the second verse that describes a catastrophic natural disaster).

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