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Mass Appeal has always been in good hands. We pride ourselves on the tradition of passing the baton to the next person fit to lead. I stepped into that role during my period of free agency after the player's coach Lord SHR recruited me. Serving three strong years at Complex with the former MA staff helped, but moonlighting as a DJ put me in the company of other nighttime vultures--graffiti writers. I studied the local names on roll down gates, fire hydrants and delivery trucks because they were the true guest list worthy of the VIP treatment because they stayed high, and were far from highfalutin. The ground level is where it's poppington. Come on down.

The Notorious B.I.G.’s Throwback Footage

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In celebration of Biggie's birthday today, take a look back at rare footage with Sticky Fingaz from Onyx, plus the session where BIG laid down vocals for what would become his memorable "Where Brooklyn At" freestyle.

Bible Study Party Goes Uptown to Bronx Mansion

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Dice the God's weekly party, Bible Study, is headed Uptown to a BX mansion.

Let Me Coach You: Coachella’s Finest Moments

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By now, there’s a chance that every photo taken at Coachella has given you all that you think you need to see. Yet every recap has not been written about ad nauseam. There’s enough to go around from the stimulus overload taking place over the course of two weekends. To organize the confusion a little […]

Let Me Coach You: Fast Times at Coachella

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A young white man with a shaved head was touring the grounds of Coachella wearing a neon green tank top with a charming photo of Carlton Banks screen printed on it. On top of the T-shirt, he had a wool cardigan sweater akin to the signature threads worn by the character immortalized on his chest. […]

Let Me Coach You: Mass Appeal at Coachella

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Survive under Mass Appeal's wing as we guide you through the Coachella music festival.