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Andrew Thiele’s REWIND Exhibition Tonight at APT 78

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What kind of art do you get when cross 1950s abstract expressionism with 1990s hip hop culture? That question will be answered tonight.

Jimi Nxir “Sensation”

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Red Bull Music Academy inductee Jimi Nxir (pronounced "noir") drops a smooth new track produced by MeLo-X.

Bump That! Rekstizzy “Whatever You Say”

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Rekstizzy is an MC out of Queens with a gift of gab and bunch of bad chicks chasing after his money. Bump That!

DJ Skizz “Vio-Lence” Feat. Lil’ Fame of MOP & Ill Bill

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With the video for "Vio-Lence," Lil' Fame and Ill Bill make death threats sound like promises over a sinister soundscape from DJ Skizz.

“Jela” A Short Film by Will Robson-Scott

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Will Robson-Scott's new short film "Jela" gives us a very personal glimpse into the life of a former hooligan, drug dealer/addict and skin head from London's East End.