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Mass Appeal’s Holiday Gaming Guide

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It’s not quite that time where the season of giving is upon us, however, the length of this year’s list of upcoming titles is one that could make Santa’s head spin.

Jadakiss, Just Blaze and EA Games Bring The Real

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Over the weekend, the EA Challenge Series presented by Virgin Gaming (exclusively on PS3) raised the bar for realism. We pulled up to the event, chopped it up with super-producer Just Blaze, and rap general, Jadakiss who brought real talk to our excursion with EA Games.

Call of Duty: Black is Back

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Black Ops II is so far ahead of it's time, it's about to start another life. Watch the trailer for the next Call of Duty installment coming to all platforms this winter. Burr!

Career Watch: eSports Athlete

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Professional video gamer, Grubby has skills that pay the bills, literally because playing StarCraft II is how he makes an honest living. Don't knock his hustle. Like Biggie Smalls said, UPS is hiring.

Play At Your Own Risk: Virgin Gaming

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Richard Branson stepped into the gaming industry and is taking it to galactic heights with Virgin Gaming. Are you ready?