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Native New Yorker, Ricky Powell...is a self-described, 'Lazy Hustler' or an 'Individualist'... Creating dope shit is his main objective for 2012, and beyond. However that may be, in his 1st installment with TJ Mizell (son of the late Great man / DJ of Run DMC...Jam Master Jay) Ricky shares a surreal, warm, rare moment with a humble young talented man who's about to be All * World in a New York minute.

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Rappin’ With The Rickster: TJ Mizell

Photographer extraordinaire Ricky Powell raps with DJ TJ Mizell–the son of fallen hip hop hero and DJ Jam Master J of Run DMC. The apple doesn’t fall farm from the tree.

Ricky At Fiddy

Ricky at Fiddy. Older, and still the man. Bummy Sophistication is the new swag.